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Where To Start!?

Two Months Before Moving
- Contact Us!  Have our representative come through your home and provide you with a free estimate.
- Sort through your belongings to reduce the number of things you move.
- Have a garage sale or donate items no longer needed.
- Gather packing supplies: boxes, packing material, tape, markers.
- Place all legal, medical, financial and insurance records in a safe and accessible place.

One Month Before Moving
- Start packing items that aren't regularly used such as off-season clothes and decorations and items in storage areas (garage, attic, closets)
- Contact your utility companies (gas, electric, water, cable, local phone/internet providers)

One Week Before Moving
- Finish packing all boxes, minus what you will need in the final week.
- Inform the post office of your upcoming move
Notify the following organizations and people of your address change:
- Friends and family
- Banks, Insurance companies, Credit Card companies, and other financial institutions
- Magazines and Newspapers
- Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and other service providers
- Government agencies and authorities
- Workplace and schools

Moving Day
Carry with you:
- Keys to new home
- Documentation related to sale of home
- Prescription and non-prescription medicine
- Important personal records and documents

Call Us for a free

in-home estimate


Oneida is a proud member of the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce
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