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Packing can be a tedious and tiring process.  At Oneida Movers, we know

that a great move starts with great packing.   Allow our experienced staff

to take care in packing all of your possessions.

Having proper moving boxes helps protect your important belongings and

can also help speed up the move.  Our boxes range in sizes so we can

provide you with a proper sized box to pack all of your belongings.  We can

also provide you with packing paper, bubble wrap and tape. 
If you have any questions about our packaging material or if you would like

to order some, contact us today!

Packing Materials
2 Cube Carton - Our smallest carton used for heavier items such as books, files, electronics and canned foods.
4 Cube Carton - Our medium carton uses for items such as toys, decor, lamps, pots and pans and linens.
6 Cube Carton - Our largest carton used for larger and lighter items such as pillows, bedding and large toys.
China Carton -  A specialty carton is designed to be used on fragile items such as china, dishes, glassware and fragile decor.
Picture Carton - We carry two sizes of picture cartons.  These cartons are telescoping which allow us to make them fit any mirror, picture or painting.
Wardrobe Carton - A special carton designed to allow you to leave your clothes hanging.  Simply leave your clothes hanging and our staff will load and unload your clothing the day of the move FREE of charge!

Packing Tips

- Pack Lamp Shades separately from other goods
- Make sure dresser drawers have no breakables or liquids
- Start packing early, moving day approaches fast!
- Remember to close all boxes and label with room and contents
- Remember to point out special care items
- Tape long items in bundles (sticks, brooms, shovels)
- Purge or donate BEFORE the move
- Change your address on all important documents
- Use clean white paper to pack to avoid staining on items
- Dismantling items saves time on moving day
- Notify utility companies of move
- Point out items not to be moved

Let Us Do Your Packing!

Oneida is a proud member of the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce
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